What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Rajasthan Forts and Palaces? Well, it can be anything from royalty, grandness, resistance, valour to even survival. In one word- the Rajasthan Forts are truly majestic.  India is dotted with innumerable forts and palaces, but nothing beats Rajasthan. Believe me, you actually need to travel to Rajasthan to experience the magic of these forts and the way they make you feel.

Well our Rajasthan Palaces Tour started with exploring the Amer Fort. It is perched on the Aravali hills and its known for its picturesque landscapes. The serene wavelets of the Maota Lake is all that you can ask for. Inside the Amer Fort, you can feel blessed to watch the intricate metal, glass and marble work. Personally speaking, for me, it was simply so much of beauty around me.

I wonder how much strength and hardship it must have taken during the ancient and the royal times to create something as formidable and elegant as the palaces of Rajasthan. I could actually feel myself thanking Raja Man Singh for constructing this fort in 1592. And for those who are into photography and archtectural studies, Amer fort is a must visit. You should see for yourself how it blends both the Rajput and Muslim style of architecture.

Then we moved towards another tourist hotspot, the Jaisalmer Fort. It was constructed in the 12 century and is known for being one of the most elegant Rajasthan Forts and Palaces.  The use of yellow sandstone to make Jaisalmer Fort makes it look like a huge ship that is sailing on golden sand. Thus, it is also known as the Ship Fort. It was built by Bhati Rajput Ruler Rao Jaisal in 1156 AD. One of the reasons why Jaisalmer is different from other Rajasthan forts is that it provides the necessary shelter to the population of Jaisalmer.

In fact, the number is 4000. nteresting facts about this fort is that it is 250 feet high and perched on the 80 feet sandstone hillock. I also came to know that this architectural piece has even influenced arts and aesthetics. For example, famous Indian film maker Satyajit Ray wrote a novel in which this fort was depicted. Later, a movie with the name of ‘Sonar kella’ was also made.

And our journey did not end here. We explored many more forts in Rajasthan, especially the ones that have been included in the world heritage sites by UNSECO. It was certainly a very educational and interesting experience. And we would come back again to continue with the tour! Encore!