Do not let it just be a dream to explore the rich diversity and beauty of the Wildlife Rajasthan Tour. You might wonder why Rajasthan then in particular because India is known for several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. So, lets start with the main factual information. Firstly, the vegetation in Rajasthan has a very rustic feel to it, especially due to its ephemeral natural type of vegetation which occurs only due to the monsoon season. Secondly,  be it camel safari, elephant safari or even the Jeep rides, Rajasthan wildlife Safari is a class apart. Wildlife lovers also enjoy the wildlife of Rajasthan as they can spot few indigenous and rare species of fauna, mainly birds and animals. Well, you don’t have to even imagine what this place means for the wildlife photographers. Yes, it is nothing less than a paradise for them.

The flora of Rajasthan basically includes trees like Kejri, Ker, thor, akaro, anwal and babul. The exquisite lifestyle of Rajasthan also includes animals such as boars, monkeys, bisons, tigers, deers, panthers, wolves and Bengal Tigers. The lively and engaging twitter of several birds in the various sanctuaries in Rajasthan makes it even more of a splendour. There are several famous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Rajasthan, which includes the Ranthambhore National Park, the Sariska Wildlife National park, the Bharatpur bird sanctuary and others.

The spectrum of wildlife that can be explored through the wildlife Rajasthan Tour is simply irresistible. Wetlands, ravines, rocks, scrub thorn arid forests and barren desert make most of the topography of Rajasthan. Each of this distinct topography is known for protecting varied and quite specific kinds of birds and animals, which grow in that respective niche only. Few of the migratory birds, for example, include pelicans, coots, ducks and even the very rare Siberian cranes. We were very impressed to explore the distinct differences between say, Ranthambhore national park and the Sariska National park. Those who love photography, well then, nothing can be a better paradise for them.

Rather than choosing to travel on our own, we decided to opt for the knowledgeable travel agents that informed us about every little detail of the Wildlife Rajasthan Tour. It turned out to be the right choice because it was cost effective. Also, we came to know about the history of various quaint towns and cities of Rajasthan, along with the forts and palaces. It all made our journey very exciting. The rustic and virgin beauty of the land of Rajasthan gets even more special because most of the land is not commercially used, and hence, is there by able to preserve its untouched identity. The next time you do engage in wildlife Rajasthan tour, do plan and select the best offers in advance.