Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur

Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur

Albert hall Museum, jaipur

Museums, being great centres for learning history, serve as entertaining & exciting place for all the history buffs. On my trip to Jaipur, I did not pay much attention to this element. But while making notes of pleasurable memories of my trip, I realized that the Albert Hall Museum in Jaipur was actually a great centre for learning. Serving as the oldest in Rajasthan, Albert Hall Museum showcases an exquisite collection of metal ware, decorative wares, miniature Rajasthani portraits, sculptures, and an Egyptian Mummy.

While glaring at the photographs, I started recalling each and every corner of the museum that mesmerizes countless tourists from all over the globe. Constructed in 1876, Albert Hall or the Government Central Museum offers a unique Indo – Sarcenic architecture. This veritable treasure trove was built by Maharaja Ram Singh under the supervision of Lt. Swinton Jacob (a British army officer), for his personal use.

When I arrived at Ramniwas Gardens (the place where Albert Hall Museum is located), I was amazed to see the age old Rajputana glory that is still retained in the monuments in the native area. Moreover, a zoo, greenhouse, aviary and a sports ground adjacent to the museum also add to the beauty of the place.

First thing I came across in the compound was a Rajasthan village scene that is made lively with costumes, furniture, pottery and brassware. Another amazing part of the museum is the Persian Garden Carpet, which is certainly among India’s finest art treasures. A guide there told me that this garden carpet was made in Kerman, Persia in 1632. It is so beautiful that people call it ‘the garden of paradise’.

The guide also took me to Rabindra Manch, which serves as an auditorium, a modern art gallery and an open air theater. It hosts a few cultural events on different occasions. In the inner courtyard, the galleries depict the uniqueness of the dresses and jewelery of all the classes and tribes of Rajasthani people. As I was running short of time, I started concluding my visit. But that was a superb experience. I had not been to any museum since I did my schooling. So it reminded me of my golden days as well.