Before starting with our incredible interesting and charming Rajasthan Travel Trip, we knew just few important facts about the state. Few of these facts were that Rajasthan is one of the largest states in India and is known for its tourism industry. We had imagined old forts, lakes, palaces and temples while visualising the destinations of Rajasthan Tourism. Though, few of our guess works did serve right, but now, we are glad that we actually went ahead and explored the Rajasthan history, geography and culture in our own special way. Now, whenever we think about Rajasthan, it is the personal experiences that strike our mind, with the enhanced colours and charms.

Our first destination in the journey of Rajasthan Tourism was visiting the Albert Hall Museum. Lauded for being one of the oldest museums in Rajasthan, it is also currently functioning as the State Museum of Rajasthan. Its architecture signifies the exquisite and ethereal feel of the Indo- Saracenic revival architecture. Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob had designed this building, which is one of the exemplary instances of the intermingling of India, Islamic and Gothic style of architecture.

It is known for having a rich and varied collection of crystal works, metal and stone sculptures, carpets and ivory stones. After exploring this museum, we went ahead with Amber Fort. Raja Man Singh I had constructed this fort, which is now one of the main tourist attractions of Jaipur. The cobbled paths and high ramparts of the fort, which is perched on the hill, add more beauty to it. Its architecture includes several integral elements of Hindu style, which further promotes the nostalgic feel in the ambience of the fort. The rich texture of the marble and the red sandstone makes it even more of a delight.

To get a thrill of adventure, we geared on with exploring the Ranthambhore National Park, which is thronged in between the Vindhya Plateau and the Aravali Ranges. What really attracted us to it was that it was not very commercialised and in addition, it was is also known for preserving the high number of Royal Bengal Tigers. We also took the safari and explored the forts within the vicinity of this national park. At times, we swayed a little, while other times, we continued to strictly follow the do and the dont’s of the Rajasthan Travel Guide.

The entire experience was so unforgettable. After this adventurous steak, we also explored Rajasthan’s History by visiting the forts and palaces of the Udaipur and Jaipur which are so colossal and carry so much of the historical past of India. So, for everyone who wants to explore the historic side of India, which dates back to the Indus Valley Civilisation and the Harappan Civilisation, it is a must to explore a unique Rajasthan Travel Trip.