Attending the Elephant Festival in Jaipur was perhaps the best decision that we took us during our travel to India. Our choice to travel to Jaipur was because we had heard so much about its forts, palaces, tempting cuisines and religious aura. It always felt as if, travelling to India, would remain incomplete in our journey and memory if Jaipur is not a part of it. So, we thought no further and booked our travel schedule, especially in the month of March, with the anticipation of Holi celebration intoxicating the environment, all around.

It was indeed a surprise that awaited us. Not only did we see the parade of elephants, but we were quite enthralled by the battery of camels and horses that followed them. Each and every caparisoned elephant looked so beautiful with its decorated attires and stylish look. The festivity was further added in its momentum with the feet tapping music and lip smacking cuisines available to be devoured. We could even gather than few elephants had names and every time, two sturdy elephants were involved in a tug-of-war, the assembled crowd shouted their respective names, adding more power to the thrill.

In addition to it, we got to see the Elephant polo, pageants, dress competitions and what not. It was also one of the best chances to photograph these beautiful creatures, who with their majestic presence can energise any space, especially with so many of them present in the space. The enthralling starting of the elephant festival itself is so intoxicating. So many people, from different parts of the world, intermingling and creating this infectious magic for the elephant festival is definitely one of the best times to experience the aura of Jaipur. Our stay in Jaipur also revealed how the elephants are revered in the Indian mythology and are even worshipped. In addition to it, we also got to know how the royal Rajputs of Rajasthan used to take pride in their elephants, with the stronger ones having more elephants in their gallantry in wars. Later, we went ahead and enjoyed the Holi festivity in the pink city, creating more indelible memories for us.

Later, we went ahead with our travel to Jaipur plans and visited other sightseeing places and exotic locations, like the Jantar Mantar, the temples, the forts and the Hawa Mahal. All in all, the entire experience was more like a life long learning chance to know different parts of Rajasthan and India on the whole.