Who claims to know Rajasthan and its rich culture better than me? After my business visit to Rajasthan, I have added one page more to my diary explaining prosperous and gigantic figure of historical attendance. Sure, I am not to engage you within the exercise of mouth but to bring out what has compelled me to write here. Luni destination in Rajasthan has been hangout-like destination to me, presenting the amiable hospitality, incredible monuments and an essence to royal era as well.

On the last month, I as a travel advisor had my footsteps ready to my some official tasks at Luni tourism by Airline. Luni is a small village about 40 km south of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, and falls connected to this blue city by road and rail. With a stay to one of local guest houses there I moved out for official work at Luni. Here, I meant this village an appealing tourist attraction to gain cultural affairs. So I hired a Jeep and a guide to know the outskirts of the village after finishing my work.

The guide brought me to a Road-dhaba that is famous a lot there. At this local food place, servants in proper Rajasthani attire welcomed with smiles warmer than the weather. The dhabas were made out of mud and the roof from dried branches leave and abandon pieces of tarp, experiencing me to stay at rich-cultured village. They served me delectable tea in small bowls.

This history-combining village in Rajasthan, Luni has reminded me the royal past of Rajasthan. Its noble & indulgent interiors, energising gardens, warm cordial reception and architectural beauty are accountable to mesmerise you readers as I have been completely. Likewise, artisans in Luni ought to pursue their ancestral profession of carving metal, clay or wood into intricate forms.

Where as Luni’s Fort Chanwa has answered me to a salient piece of quality and the magnitude in Indian Architecture of the last century, Luni tourist places such as the imperial Mehrangarh Fort and Royal Umaid Bhawan Palace are fruitful to present me a mesmerising travel experience. This small bustling village of Rajasthan, Luni befalls placed in the shadow of fort walls attracting to the limitless tourists by the nearby fort.

Thereby, I have discerned well why our country is called a rich in its history more than other countries of the world. Truly the word-incredible is as an adornment to India, moulding it an encyclopaedia of Indian history. Luni attractions have entranced me to be a student of history again, thus have induced me to come again.