The Mesmerising journey through Pushkar Tourism


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Before starting off with a personal journey to religiously important locations such as Pushkar, it is quite natural to be overwhelmed. Located in the north-western part of Rajasthan, around 11 km away from Ajmer, this little sleepy town is nestled near the foothills of the Aravali mountains and is considered as the King of Hindu Pilgrimages. But more than anything else, what attracted us to Pushkar Tourism was the fact that this charming small city somehow transports you back in time where you experience the bygone days, the culture and the romanticism of it. And to add to it, the Pushkar Tour could definitely not be ruled out, especially if one loves natural and wildlife photography. Its only through Pushkar Travel that you attain a certain value of self realisation and have the power to look at things in a spiritual manner.

What touched my heart, as soon as I slowly saw the Naag Parbat descending and the little city of Pushkar evolving- the enrapturing beauty of serenity in the location. I had initially heard a lot about the Pushkar Fair being the main identity of Pushkar Tourism. The cattle and the religious fair are known for their enticing fervours, with the cattle fair lauded for being the largest one of its kind spectacle. The full moon phase during October and November is known for the religious and divine atmosphere which is further enhanced with the picturesque desert scenery.

Few of the important attractions of Pushkar Tourism included the Yoga garden, Lord Brahma’s Temple, Aptaeshwar Temple, Varaha Temple, Atmeshwar Temple, Mahadeva Temple and others. The camel safari in the sand dunes was definitely worth the time. Also, I noticed that each and every temple in Pushkar had a long history and a lot of belief system nestled behind the establishment, thus, making every sacred structure inundated with a lot of hope and faith. There are few things, though, which every traveller must keep in mind before travelling to Pushkar.

To start with, the best months for Pushkar Travel are from October to March. Secondly, its is safer to book your accommodations in advance before making the choice. Also, you will definitely hit the jackpot of cultural utopia if you choose Pushkar Tour during the months of Pushkar Fair. The entire ambience will be coloured with the joy and festivity of the fair, music, camel parades and even the best of camel and horse races that will simply entice you.

So, opt for Pushkar Tourism this year and get lost in the magical journey towards spirituality and religious fervour. This King of All Pilgrimages of Hinduism would definitely create an indelible memory.

King of Sacred Place Pushkar


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The land of landscapes, epitome of divinity, spirituality and confluence of nature’s diversity are all contained in holy Pushkar. This small pretty town situated just 13km from Ajmer is one of the most visited pilgrimage place in India. The town is host to the annual Pushkar fair which is the largest cattle and cultural fair. For a Hindu devout like me, a pilgrimage tour would not be complete without Pushkar. Various colors reflecting in every phase, vibrantly dressed men and women and decorated camels welcomed me to the holy town. Pushkar is also known as ‘the rose garden of Rajasthan’ because of its fragrant roses whose essence is exported all over the world. The sacred Pushkar Lake, the 52 Ghats and 500 temples are the mythical charms of the place making Pushkar tour a favorite pilgrimage.

Pushkar Tourism covers Pushkar Fair, Pushkar Lake and various Pushkar Temples.

Pushkar Lake: According to Hindu mythology, at the time of beginning of Universe a lotus flower sprang from the navel of lord Vishnu and Brahma took birth from the said lotus. Brahma then threw a lotus flower to select suitable spot for the sacrifice. Lotus struck at particular place and water spurted from there giving it a shape of pious Pushkar Lake; which is revered as the supreme place of pilgrimage. The water of the lake is believed to be purifying and healing. The lake is hugged by 52 Ghats some of which are 300 years old and have innumerable small temples. The pilgrims take holy dip for salvation.

Pushkar Brahma Temple: Built in 14th century with marble and decorated with silver coin, the temple is identified with a red spire and image of Hans. There is a silver turtle on the floor of the temple. The Brahma idol is housed in the sanctum. It is customary for pilgrims to stand on the steps and put coins to mark the deaths and births of their loved ones.

Pushkar Fair held each November is the most colorful event, a time when the whole town comes alive. In the fair different specious of cattle Bulls, Horse, Camel, Donkey, etc. brought in from Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, etc. and good trading take place. The fair starts a week before the Karthik Poonam and ends on the full moon night.

With this my much awaited and sacred tour to Pushkar came to a calming and holy end leaving me feeling pious.

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