Mesmerise yourself in the Elephant Festival of Jaipur


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Attending the Elephant Festival in Jaipur was perhaps the best decision that we took us during our travel to India. Our choice to travel to Jaipur was because we had heard so much about its forts, palaces, tempting cuisines and religious aura. It always felt as if, travelling to India, would remain incomplete in our journey and memory if Jaipur is not a part of it. So, we thought no further and booked our travel schedule, especially in the month of March, with the anticipation of Holi celebration intoxicating the environment, all around.

It was indeed a surprise that awaited us. Not only did we see the parade of elephants, but we were quite enthralled by the battery of camels and horses that followed them. Each and every caparisoned elephant looked so beautiful with its decorated attires and stylish look. The festivity was further added in its momentum with the feet tapping music and lip smacking cuisines available to be devoured. We could even gather than few elephants had names and every time, two sturdy elephants were involved in a tug-of-war, the assembled crowd shouted their respective names, adding more power to the thrill.

In addition to it, we got to see the Elephant polo, pageants, dress competitions and what not. It was also one of the best chances to photograph these beautiful creatures, who with their majestic presence can energise any space, especially with so many of them present in the space. The enthralling starting of the elephant festival itself is so intoxicating. So many people, from different parts of the world, intermingling and creating this infectious magic for the elephant festival is definitely one of the best times to experience the aura of Jaipur. Our stay in Jaipur also revealed how the elephants are revered in the Indian mythology and are even worshipped. In addition to it, we also got to know how the royal Rajputs of Rajasthan used to take pride in their elephants, with the stronger ones having more elephants in their gallantry in wars. Later, we went ahead and enjoyed the Holi festivity in the pink city, creating more indelible memories for us.

Later, we went ahead with our travel to Jaipur plans and visited other sightseeing places and exotic locations, like the Jantar Mantar, the temples, the forts and the Hawa Mahal. All in all, the entire experience was more like a life long learning chance to know different parts of Rajasthan and India on the whole.

Personal Journey weaved by Jaipur Tourism


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No matter what all you have seen in India, if it does not include a fun filled and adventurous Jaipur sightseeing tour, its not worth it. For many of the tourists, imagining the desert state of India-Rajasthan, along with the very best of intermingling of art, culture, history and architecture is definitely a very difficult task to do. There are so many ‘must sees,’ especially in the pink city that one might not even know how the time flies by and the beautiful memories and longings that further emerge from the interesting stories of Jaipur Tourism.

Rebooting and packing our bags, we started off with experiencing the magical ambience of the Govind Dev Ji temple, that was built by Maharaj Sawai Pratap Singh in 1735. Dedicated to Lord Krishna, this temple is known for having the widest view of the RCC flat roof, which makes it easier for the thousands of devotees to catch a glimpse of the deity. Then we moved on to Jantar Mantar which is even now lauded for being the oldest astronomical observatory in India. It was constructed by King Jai Singh II and is even now used for predicting auspicious timing for weddings and other sacred rituals in the state, making it a very important part of the religion in Rajasthan. What intrigued us even more was the faith and commitment in preserving the beauty of this observatory, which is also modelled after the Jantar Mantar based in New Delhi.

Along with these beautiful and enrapturing locations, the latticed windows and huge structure of the Hawa Mahal was definitely a delight for us, especially because we had never seen anything faintly similar to it. Later we came to know that it was especially built for the royal women so that they could peek out and see the festivities that were going on. Its interesting to know that in the Mughal period, the royal women could not be openly seen by the local people and hence, it was a custom to protect and safeguard them. Definitely sounds royal!

But before packing the bags for Jaipur travel, the tourists must know that the ideal time to visit the ‘Pink City’ is in between October to March. The climate is soothing at that point in time and hence, you can experiment, travel and explore a lot. And everyone should, in fact, must eat Dal-bati-churma, mishri mawa and ghevar when you are in Jaipur. Also, travel light and do not forget to click a lot of pictures while starting your Jaipur Tour. Enjoy

Elephant Festival – A Spectacular Event in Jaipur


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Having a great interest in Indian Mythology, I read the literature off and on. While doing the same, I came across the importance of elephants. The animal is among the most revered animals.

It was believed to be emerged from the ocean after the churning of the ocean took place between the demons and gods to attain the immortality.

Reading this, my memories of the tour to Rajasthan got alive. I was there with my husband during the time of elephant festival. Among the most popular festivals of Jaipur, it offers you the opportunity to view the grandeour of the city.

All royal guests were being taken to the renowned Amber Fort on elephant back. Not only this, but some special elephant fights were also conducted to offer entertainment for the guests.

This spectacular elephant festival in Jaipur is organized in March every year. The grand procession just enthralled us. The elephants were bedecked on their heads and the tips of tails with heavy jewellery, flowers and other ornamentation you could imagine.

To our surprise, they were also wearing anklets that tinkle once they walk down in all their glory.

We enjoyed being witness to the various games like polo, races and Holi. Splashing each other with bright colours, they create a wonderful scene.

What could be more fascinating than the performance of folk dancers! It felt like we were in a grand celebration that would never end.

Besides elephants, other decorated animals like horses and camels can also be seen there. The highlight of the procession was, it could be seen with all the original grandeur of the old era.

With the end of the procession, we were invited to mount the elephants. Many other tourists like us also grabbed this wonderful opportunity and enjoyed a lot. Some enthusiastic visitors also started playing with colours.

We also joined in the parade. The whole atmosphere soon became jovial.

The musical notes of the folk performers also added charm to the festival. With much enjoyment and recreating the age-old legacy, the grandeur of the festival ended.

The memories of the elephant festival are still fresh and takes me to the world of royalty.

Jaipur Tourism – Explore the Pretentious Monuments


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My strenuous work schedule made me so tired that I felt like taking a break. To regain my energy, I thought of visiting Jaipur in Rajasthan. As history always interests me, what could be the better option than that of Jaipur. Renowned as the ‘Pink City’, this royal city has always captured my attention.

The day when I embarked on Jaipur tour with my sister Ekta and a friend, Deepti was like a new day for me. We all three managed to take 3 days leave from our offices and got ready for a change. We took a bus from Delhi and reached there within six hours. The moment I entered the glorious city of Jaipur, my joy knew no bounds. The city is renowned for its Rajput heritage and culture.

Jaipur has numerous palaces that are renowned across the world for their architectural grandeur. The architecture beauty of these palaces showcases the perfect amalgamation of Rajputana and Mughal style. We stayed in a good hotel, which was equipped with all the modern amenities.

To see the buildings painted in pink color is an amazing experience in itself. Our exploration of the city started with a visit to Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds). Built in the year 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh, it is the most striking palace of the city. Its five-stories, hanging cornices, arched roofs, 953 tiny windows and pyramid-shaped structure make it a worth-visiting site.

The City Palace is among the most predominant landmarks of Jaipur. I won’t be wrong if I call it as a perfect illustration of architecture. The palace also exhibits museum which has a rich collection of royal costumes and Rajput weapons. Though we felt tired walking in the huge palace, yet the charm to see the other parts of the palace did not allow us to stop and we moved on. We explored the beautiful Art Gallery, Mukut Mahal, Chhavi Niwas and Shri Govind Dev Temple of the palace.

The old Amer fort was our next destination. It was truly a delight to watch the fort. We got to see a big wall of ancient times and the stunning Sheesh Mahal (the hall of mirrors), Sukh Niwas and Ganesh Pole. Ekta insisted us to go for an elephant ride. Taking a ride while sitting on elephant’s back was just wonderful and a great experience.

Another fort which we visited was, Nahargarh Fort. Perched high on the Aravali hills, the fort overlooks the city. It offers charming views that can be best seen at the time of sunset.

Being a shopping freak, I could not help myself from shopping in Jaipur. Based on our experience, I can say that one must visit the lively bazaars of Jaipur. You can find here popular shopping items like brass ware, textiles, kundan, quilts and much more. I bought some jewellery and textiles.

At last, we decided to visit Samode as we had some time in our hand. Located at a distance of 42 km from Jaipur, it is a great place to see. During this, the famous Samode Palace became the part of our exploration.

Our tour was over and I was ready to get back to my hectic work routine but this time there was a big smile on my face.

Jaipur is the Land of Architectural Delight


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 Jaipur Architectural Delight Jaipur Architectural Delight

On a way to Udiapur with my family we have taken 5 hours break in Jaipur so that we can explore the major attractions of India’s Pink City.  Jaipur is called Pink City of India because of several pink stucco buildings that lie in the periphery of this city. This Capital City of Rajasthan is well connected with India’s major cities via rail, road and airways.  I along with niece and cousins started our Udaipur journey from Delhi in Tempo Traveler.

We began our drive in early morning and reached Jaipur by 2 pm. This 6 hour journey was pleasurable because we got ample of time to gossip and many things to share because we all are meeting after the time span of 2 years. Throughout the ride we shared our past memories and pulled each other legs. Before embarking our Jaipur excursion we took traditional Rajasthani food in our lunch at roadside restaurant. The taste was so good that it is still lingering on my taste bud. After satisfying our appetite we went to see the Hawa Mahal which is the icon of this place. This is one of the most famous attractions of this place which is visited by almost every tourist who comes here.

Hawa Mahal is the man made marvel which is also known as ‘Palace of Winds’ or ‘Palace of the Breeze’. This is a pyramid-shaped five storied facade made up of red and pink sandstone. We were amazed by the beauty of 953 small windows popularly known as ‘Jharokhas’ which are decorated with tiny lattice work. One of our cousins who worked in Tourism industry briefed us about the whole structure along with its historical and cultural significance. She told us that it was built for the women of the Royal Families to watch various activities taking place on the streets. It is the wonderful Rajputana structure which was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799.

After seeing this Rajasthan wonder we headed for Amber fort which is magnificent building and among the finest example of man made imaginations crafted out of stone carving and adorned with beautiful decorations.

The magnetic constructions of white marble, red sandstone and delicate decorations make Amber fort a grandiose structure which lures scores of tourists to this place. Apart from this the Maotha Lake in foreground adds extra glamour to this structure which touches the heart of every visitor and we were among them. Again our cousin briefed about this heart gripping palace. The construction of this fort was commenced in 1592 during the reign of Raja Man Singh I but it was finally completed during the period of Raja Jai Singh I. Intricate carvings, minute mirror work and mosaic work throughout the complex utters the glory of Rajputana royalty and legacy who made this grand structure.

The major attraction of this fort is Diwan-e-Aam or the ‘Hall of Public Audience’ which is the forty pillared marquee built for Maharaja to meet the general public. Though there are many attractions inside the fort but Jai Mandir ‘Hall of Victory’ famous for stunning ceiling adorned with mirror work and an inlaid panel captivated our attentions for long time. The elephant ride is the best way to explore the diverse beauty of this fort. But due to lack of time we couldn’t enjoy the royal ride of gentle giant.

The visit to these two royal structures pleased our eyes and rejuvenated our mind but exhausted our stamina. So we dropped our plan to visit any more attractions of this historical city. On insist from cousins we went to Jauhari Bazaar which is among the best places of Jaipur to purchase tie-and-dye items. Here, we purchased some semi-precious stones, handcrafted footwear, costumes and handicrafts as a souvenir of this place.

After that we again embarked our journey to Udaipur in the same tempo traveler. On the way we stopped for dinner at roadside restaurant where we tasted some of the best Rajasthani food which again filled our appetite but not satisfied our taste.

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